husam el odeh x blackwhitedenim


we love blackwhitedenim




5 Responses to “husam el odeh x blackwhitedenim”

  1. nadji Says:


  2. anastasia Says:

    Unfortunately I have not found your email address from anywhere (i still have to develop my investigative side!), so i think i’ll just post it here:
    I saw your works and I couldn’t resist to them,
    i had to put one of your creations in my weekly article!

    here it is:

  3. husamelodeh Says:

    Thank you Anastasia! If you leave a comment with your email address we can get in touch (don’t worry we need not publish it)

  4. milan Says:

    dear husam,

    can you take into consideration a solo show in belgrade next year, please?
    i’ve got in touch with the head curator of design museum in belgrade, and she’s willing to support your show there.
    if you’re up for it, please let mi know.


  5. anastasia Says:

    Oh, what a genius! Sorry, i forgot about it!

    Yes, sure! My adress is:
    Thank you! 🙂

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