German born Husam El Odeh studied fine art at the renowned Hochschule der Kuenste in Berlin and worked successfully as an artist in Berlin until he relocated to London in 1999.

There he exchanged the canvas for the body and started to make jewellery.

Still at University in February 2005 he was chosen by the respected talent finder Fashioneast to put up a show during London Fashion Week.

Just graduated from Middlesex University in Summer 2005 he was offered sponsorship from the British Fashion Council for a stand at New Generation during London Fashion Week in September and a further three times.


He has been awarded the international award for cutting edge accessories design, the “so fresh award” given out by Pierre Lang and unit F in Austria in 2009.

He was also awarded the prestigious  2010 British Fashion Award for Emerging Talent – Accessories.


He has been involved in various projects with Topman, Topshop and Kickers. Collaborations include Ann-Sofie Back, Siv Stoldal,  Marios Schwab and Mihara Yasuhiro.


 The line designed for Miharayasuhiro was extended by a range of sunglasses and a range of fine jewellery exclusively produced by world renowned jewellery house Tasaki.


 Other projects include a collection of twelve pieces for Topman in October 2009 and a series of collaborations with Swedish fashion brand Acne, as featured on, and dazeddigital.


 Magazines featuring his work include Italian Vogue, Pelle Vogue, V magazine, ID, Purple, Dazed and Confused, Another Magazine, Another Man, Ten Magazine, Numero, POP, Elle and many others.


His style fuses multi-layered fashion and everyday references, and often works with a mix of unexpected opposites of industrial and luxurious materials. All pieces are handcrafted using traditional techniques with a cutting edge twist.


 Customers include Fashion legends Karl Lagerfeld, Jefferson Hack, Chloe Sevigny and Kylie Minogue.


12 Responses to “profile”

  1. francesca letterly Says:

    I stumbled across your work today on one of the various fashion sites and wanted to say how much I loved it.



  2. nicky Says:

    Hi Hasam,
    I am working on a book project and want to request your participation but I can not find your email address anywhere.

  3. Daisy Says:

    Hi there

    Love your work… do you have an e-mail address to send a cv to?

    Many thanks


  4. Kasia Says:

    I will not be at all original, but just would like to say how much I admire Your work. Greetings from Poland!

  5. cj Says:

    Hello, could you kindly email me a list of your PR contact? Thanks so much!

  6. Neil Moge Says:

    Hi there,

    My wife and I love your work. I would like to buy her an item from your collection to thank her for the birth of our daughter. Is it possible to buy direct from you?

    On another note, as a fellow Palestinian, I would like to congratulate you on your success. Keep it up!


  7. Miriam Weisshaar Says:

    Dear Husam el Odeh,

    We adore your work and we would love to contact you by email or by phone with regard to pr activities for the German market, Austria
    and Switzerland.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    All the best,

    Miriam Weisshaar

  8. Sueann Says:

    Hi Husam,

    I work for a fashion mag in Malaysia and would love to feature your in my magazine and our part of the world.

    My email is

    Warmest regards,

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