autumn winter 2009 collection

husam el odeh

autmn winter 09

“He would make her a necklace of red bryony berries, that would be quite as pretty as the white berries that she wore on her dress, and when she was tired of them, she could throw them away and he would find her others.”

“The birthday of the Infanta” Oscar Wilde

PICT0012TCP-Tangled chain pinSEB-Black and white pearl spoon earringsTCP-Tangled chain and pearl collierKPN-Key and black pearl necklaceTCCB-Tangled chain and black pearl cuffTCR-Tangled chain ringTCB-Tangled chain bangleTCC-Tangled chain and pearl cuffSPB-Spoon and pearl braceletKPE-Key and pearl earringCZR-Wedged cubic zyrconia double ringSPNS-Small silver spoon pearl necklaceSPNL-Large spoon and pearl necklaceSPN-Silver pencil necklaceTCN-Tangled chain necklaceSPNB-Small black spoon and pearl necklaceSEW-Black spoon and white pearl earringsCPR-Coin and pearl ring

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