spring summer 2010 collection

From all the things I found

To all the things I lost

ss2010 coverCSC-Cutlery and stone cuffCSC-Chain and stone cuffWQR-Wedged smokey quartz ringRMB-Remember marble necklaceLMN-Lost marble necklaceSP-Smiley pinLSN-Lost setting necklaceSPN-Spoon and topaz necklaceCSN-Crystalised spoon necklaceSP-Spoon pinTSN-Tangled chain and stone necklaceLMB-Lost marble braceletLSC-Lost setting cuffQFN-Smokey quartz and fork necklaceLSB-Lost setting braceletSTE-Spoon and topaz earringsPN-Pencil necklaceYSN-Yes setting necklaceLSC-Lost setting collierCTPN-Cutlery, pearl and topaz necklaceCZSN-Cubic zyrconia and spoon necklaceRMN-Remember marble necklaceLost and Found

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